Why working with an independent agent is in your best interest

Loy Suderman, Owner

​​​About Suder Group:

Suder Group is owned and operated by Loy Suderman, a health insurance professional who has managed a variety of functional areas within health insurance companies in WA. Loy has deep knowledge of how insurance companies work and how to resolve problems, should they arise.

Loy recognized that with the Accountable Care Act, health insurance was getting more, not less, complicated for the average person to understand. She founded Suder Group to help individuals, families and those who qualify for Medicare navigate the complex system and find health insurance to meet their specific needs.

As licensed agents in  WA State, we complete  rigorous training and annual certification with several health insurance companies to sell their products. There is no one size fits all, and we will help you find the best coverage to meet your unique needs. 


  • You are ou​r number one priority - we focus on finding the best coverage for you.  We represent multiple companies and options

  • ​We complete rigorous training and certification annually; we are knowledgeable about changes and new plan offerings

  • We follow your application through to completion

  • We are available to answer your coverage questions and explain any terms you don't understand

  • We keep you informed of changes in the industry that may affect you.

We earn commissions from the health plans we represent, ​we do not charge you for our services.